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From jean-frederic clere <>
Subject Re: trunk "ping" for http proxy
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2010 06:52:11 GMT
On 08/17/2010 05:42 AM, Paul Querna wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 2:28 PM, Andrew Oliver <> wrote:
>> Note that it is an option, not a default setting.  The problem with
>> the heartbeat bit which Red Hat/JBoss use is the unstandardized
>> proprietary protocol required ( with
>> separate logic to manage it.
> No, in 2.3/trunk, there is a bundled module to provide this in httpd:

There is even the code in Tomcat to work with the mod_lbmethod_heartbeat
balancer provider see

Additionally I added code in trunk (long ago) so Paul's stuff doesn't
requires multicast.

Trying from the front-end to guess the state of the back-end is tricky,
basically all the tricks we try with AJP or this "ping" for http proxy
will just check the socket and/or the availability of the back-end....
Well that is already a lot.

Speaking about mod_cluster:
If there is enough interest I can donate the C part of mod_cluster to
httpd (after porting it to trunk) and contribute a listener in TC7 and
kind of heartbeat for httpd backend to allow to experiment the concepts.



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