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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Re: HTTPD upgraded on eos -> 2.3.8
Date Wed, 25 Aug 2010 07:01:54 GMT

On 25 Aug 2010, at 07:41, Paul Querna wrote:

> Grump old man mode, this seems moderately disturbing.
> Previously it was single hash table look up on the content-type, which
> contained a list of all filters to apply.

With lots of brokenness, discussed quite a few times over the years.
This was a long-overdue round tuit.  PR 33499 isn't the best reference,
but is the first one to come up on a bugzilla search.

> It has been replaced with iterating all possible filters and executing
> an the expression parser for each possible filter.

You make that sound a lot.  How many lookups can you envisage
in any case that *would work at all under the old implementation*?

> Is anyone else surprised at this change?  I did a quick search on
> dev@, and I couldn't find any previous discussion of this change....

IIRC it was first suggested as an alternative to removing
AddOutputFilterByType altogether from 2.1/2.2, over five years ago.

The underlying problem: checking content-type at the wrong time
(before we knew it for dynamic or proxied contents), and the
regular likelihood of multiple calls to ap_set_content_type
per request.

Nick Kew

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