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From "Ryujiro Shibuya" <>
Subject RE: OS Keep-alive on forward proxy
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2010 08:45:12 GMT
Hi Rainer,

I meant to talk about the HTTP Keep-alive to the origin server (OS), not
about TCP Keep-alive of operating system (OS).
Excuse me for my confusing description.

> And yes: the forward proxy does *not* do HTTP Keepalive. Technical 
> reason: the connections to the origin server are pooled and retrieved 
> from and returned to the pool for each request. A forward proxy usually 
> talks to many diferent origin servers. Keeping those connections open in 
> a naive way would lead to a lot of not well used pools. Assuming that 
> during one client connection the origin server often is used for 
> multiple requests this could be improved, but would bloat the already 
> complicated proxy code even more.
And thank you for the answer and reasons! That is what I wanted to hear.
So I understand the HTTP Keep-alive to the origin server is only supported
for reverse proxy, as the design of httpd 2.2/2.3.

Ryujiro Shibuya

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