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From Ondřej Surý <>
Subject Per request DocumentRoot
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2010 08:50:16 GMT

I am a author of mod-vhost-ldap module and I have received complaints
about DocumentRoot being unstable. After a fixing of dozen bugs and
further debugging I have found out, that DocumentRoot is shared per
process and not per thread and thus I am unable to fix that as a
self-contained fix, since ap_document_root gets overwritten under a
heavy load.

I have found some suggestions to replace ap_document_root(request_rec
r) with a hook, but I think that much simpler and elegant solution is
to implement DocumentRoot as per request and initialize it every time
new request is created. This solution also means that apache2 stays
ABI compatible.

What is the general feeling of this list? Would such patch be
accepted? (Ie. should I bother with creating bug report with patch)

P.S.: I know that ap_document_root(r) should not be used, but the
reality disagrees. Also ap_document_root(request rec r) is used by
some modules maintained within tree (most notable mod_rewrite).
Ondřej Surý <>

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