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From "William A. Rowe Jr." <>
Subject Re: Error log format configuration syntax
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2010 21:57:14 GMT
On 7/21/2010 4:35 PM, Stefan Fritsch wrote:
> And I agree that a unified logging formatter would be nice, but this 
> is not something that will be done before 2.3.7 and it would likely 
> mean an incompatible API change for modules providing handlers for 
> mod_log_config. IMHO, this can wait until 3.0.

IMHO, it must not.  The simple reason is that the more code duplication
we introduce, the more opportunity for flaws and maintenance headaches
during the 2.4 lifecycle.  I'd accept waiting for this entire custom
error log feature for 3.0, but really would rather introduce it sooner
and not later.

If there is a resulting API change, I think everyone is willing to accept
this during the 2.3-alpha/beta cycle.  2.4.0 is our 'lockdown'.

I'm willing to help with this code, although I'm just starting to dig out
of the hole from my two recent hand surgeries.  6-finger typing isn't all
that efficient :)

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