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From Dan Poirier <>
Subject Re: C as config
Date Mon, 07 Jun 2010 13:16:44 GMT
On 2010-06-04 at 18:21, "Akins, Brian" <> wrote:

> Also, I do a good bit with Lua -- in httpd and other projects.  Every time I
> run profiles on this stuff, Lua is always 3 out of the top 5 cpu consumers.
> And lots of it is just the language itself (all the table look-ups) and we
> highly optimized our method dispatches (using apr_hash, even had a version
> using gperf). Now this is probably just fine for mere mortals, but it has
> always bothered me.  We always meant to go back and write higher level
> modules based on the "low level" Lua bindings, but we never did and we have
> several non programmers who are happily writing "configs" in Lua.

Did you profile httpd?  I'm wondering if you had a few non-trivial hooks
in lua, if it would be a significant part of the CPU consumption, or
would it be swamped by the rest of the processing that always goes on
for a request?

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