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From Issac Goldstand <>
Subject Re: mod_authn_cache
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2010 07:36:12 GMT
I think I sent a patch to fix it up a year or so ago, when I needed it 
for 2.2.  You can see the fully working (live in production for 6 months 
now, I think) code here.

As mentioned there, I wanted this to work against 2.2, but for trunk I'd 
have probably used socache instead of the static array used here.


On 6/17/2010 1:29 AM, Nick Kew wrote:
> I thought we had a mod_authn_cache, but it seems it only exists in the
> old 2.1 authn stuff at sourceforge!
> Just thinking about hacking this up, and wondering how best to do it.
> Basic shape seems straightforward enough:
> 1.  Make it a provider like the standard mod_authn_****
> 2.  Configure it ahead of anything heavyweight like dbd.
> 3.  Export an optional function for other mod_authn_* modules to cache
>      credentials they've looked up.
> 4.  Timestamp everything in cache, and provide a configurable timeout.
> But how to implement the cache itself is less clear.  The simplest solution
> would be to hijack mod_authn_dbm and add a cacheing function and configuration.
> But the new socache framework presents an alternative, and an option for users
> of threaded MPMs to run a per-process cache would add value.
> Thoughts?

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