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From Guenter Knauf <>
Subject Re: MPM sizing defaults and config
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2010 00:27:07 GMT
Am 16.06.2010 00:37, schrieb William A. Rowe Jr.:
>>>> Netware
>>>> =======            conf  default   proposed
>>>> StartThreads        250       50         50
>>>> MinSpareThreads      25       10         25
>>>> MaxSpareThreads     250      100        100
>>>> MaxThreads         1000     2048       1000
>>>> MaxRequestsPerChild   0        0          0
>>>> ThreadStackSize   65536    65536      65536
>>>> MaxMemFree          100        0          - (remove)
>>> ThreadStackSize seems a bit dicey, would rather see 128k default.
>> Because it is the only MPM with non system default used, I wondered
>> whether there's a bit of history behind that value.
> I'm certain :)  Guenter?  Brad?
well, I dont think a higher ThreadStackSize can hurt much beside higher 
memory usage (which shouldnt be an issue nowadays). I cant tell why we 
have 64k as default, but I can tell that this is 8 times as much as what 
our linker uses by default if you dont specify a stacksize, so brobably 
it was just a value which Brad thought would be enough when he ported 
2.0 to NetWare ...; also IIRC 8k was way too less for modules like 
mod_rewrite ... - but everything else seems to be coded cleaner so that 
every greater memory block is aloocated rather than pushed on stack.
Also I can add that for mysql I use 128k too since had probs with the 
testsuite where some tests crashed with 64k. So in general I consider a 
higher stackzise more safe for bad coding where hughe memory blocks are 
pushed on the stack.
But lets also hear what Brad thinks - anyway its here only a config file 


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