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From "Dennis J." <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] PR 17629 and all that
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2010 15:08:22 GMT
On 06/08/2010 02:37 PM, Joe Orton wrote:
> Here's an attempt at fixing the dreaded PR 17629.  This is a bug in the
> handling of the output filter chain at the point where an internal
> redirect is applied to a subrequest.  Complications:
> a) a subrequest's filter chain may start at an arbitrary point in
> r->main's filter chain
>   -- for an SSI include, the output from the include must continue from
>   the next filter along from the INCLUDES filter

Could this in some way be related to the bug I filed a while ago where the 
SSI output filter mangles the QUERY_STRING variable by replacing it with 
the query string used in the last include directive?

This behavior changed between 1.3 and 2.x and my uninformed guess is that 
this is probably a scoping issue that happened when SSI was turned into a 
filter (i.e. before the QUERY_STRING was only modified for each subrequest 
but in a filter context the changed QUERY_STRING string no basically is 
used for "all following data").


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