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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Module build defaults for trunk
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2010 13:59:28 GMT
On 03.06.2010 15:28, Jeff Trawick wrote:
> Here's a missing piece:  A good generic httpd build has DSOs for all
> modules that could work on the system, but a nice httpd.conf loads only
> the modules that are necessary.  Meanwhile, our module build system
> assumes that you wish to actively use the modules specified when you
> invoke configure.
> Different distros handle this in different ways, but the generic user
> who just wants to get past ./configure without doing anything stupid
> most likely ends up with many modules loaded which won't be used (extra
> security exposure, CPU, and memory).

Right, that's the next topic, which modules to load by default and with 
which configuration.

I hope we won't have to do to much work on the configuration topic 
(discussion might be hard like the ongoing deflate discussion shows), 
but instead will come to an easier conclusion about a core module set we 
want loaded by default. I expect most of those core modules already have 
an acceptable configuration in the current config.

So after waiting a bit for more feedback on the general direction we can 
proceed with agreeing on a "most" list, a "minimal" list and which of 
those should be loaded by default.


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