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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Module build defaults for trunk
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2010 11:30:46 GMT
Reading the feedback on the modules list I posted got me into thinking:

1) Should static module linking be still the default for httpd building?

Of course the question is only relevant for platforms which allow 
dynamic linking and if we have APR_HAS_DSO. I know that static linking 
is expected to be more secure (but we still build mod_so by default) and 
a bit more performant. On the other hand it seems most of the world 
actually uses a dynamically linked httpd and the flexibility it provides 
during runtime. So isn't it time to switch to dynamic by default - if 
the platform supports it - and only build static on demand?

2) Which pre-cooked sets of modules to provide via configure?

Currently the default set (no configure flags) is a mixture of "minimal" 
and some additional modules likely because their APACHE_MODULE m4 was 

Then there is "most", "all" and the possibility to enable or disable 
individual modules.

I wonder whether some notion of "most" would be a better build default - 
but maybe not enabling the built modules by default.

So there would be "most" (default), "all" and "minimal".

Before actually defining the according sets of modules, what do you 
think about the general direction?


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