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From Igor Galić <>
Subject Re: C as config
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2010 22:51:26 GMT

> All of you folks who have to answer user questions, go ahead and ready
> your
> hate mail :)

This is not a hate-mail (:

> I've been playing some with Varnish (long story) and lots of people
> seem to
> like it.  The config "language" (VCL) is just a thin wrapper on top of
> C.
> Heck, you can just write C inline.

I know and love varnish. And sadly, the only reason I don't use it right now,
is because it's oblivious of SSL.

> So, we thought about "wouldn't it just be cool if Apache had VCL." 
> Then I
> thought, I already know C, why do I need to learn a meta-language that
> just
> writes C???  "Won't someone think of the users!" I could here all of
> the
> #httpd folks saying.
> Not a terribly interesting read, but we are seriously considering just
> using
> straight C with some helper functions and macros as the "config" for
> one of
> our projects.
> And, for the record I was wrong in the past - yes, async is the
> answer...

I've been a longtime critic, though I haven't taken it to the list,
of the httpd Configuration Language. For other reasons than performance
though -- mostly sane defaults, but that's an entirely different topic.

BUT: I did my share of support on nginx - even though I don't know it
well enough and nginx, like varnish, uses a C-like syntax for the configs.

I for one, would welcome such a possibility.

Igor Galić

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