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From Sean Conner <>
Subject Re: C as config
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2010 22:34:38 GMT
It was thus said that the Great Akins, Brian once stated:
> On 6/7/10 9:16 AM, "Dan Poirier" <> wrote:
> > Did you profile httpd?  I'm wondering if you had a few non-trivial hooks
> > in lua, if it would be a significant part of the CPU consumption, or
> > would it be swamped by the rest of the processing that always goes on
> > for a request?
> Increasingly, httpd is just there to provide a base to run Lua stuff for us.
> You'd be surprised how easily problems get solved with a few if's and else's
> instead of mounds of rewrite rules.
> At "normal" load it doesn't really matter - the trade off is worth it
> ("speed" vs simplicity).  However, as the servers get more and more loaded,
> Lua takes a rather large percentage of the CPU. And it's the "Lua stuff" not
> the part that does work.  The constant string hashing, metatable lookups,
> etc.

  If your platform is x86, have you considered testing with LuaJIT?  It
compiles Lua code directly into x86 code and is a drop-in replacement for
lua (just link against libluajit instead of liblua).  The few tests I've
done have been impressive [1].



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