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From Stefan Fritsch>
Subject Re: Per-module / per-dir loglevel configuration version 4
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2010 22:33:53 GMT
On Thursday 03 June 2010, Rainer Jung wrote:
> > The patch is at
> > 
> > ,
> > 
> > both as one file and as a series split into more or less logical
> > chunks. Comments are very welcome. Also, it would be nice if
> > someone could try it with a different compiler than gcc.
> Some comments based on visual inspection. Next step
> (building/testing) is on my ToDo list. No major findings, only
> minor stuff.

Thank you very much for the comments. They look very reasonable and I 
will integrate them in the next round of patches. Or should I create a 
branch in svn? But I think git is easier to use when tracking the 
changes in trunk.

> Additional remarks
> ------------------
> We need to fix and add some docs
>    - removed directives for mod_ssl, mod_rewrite and mod_logio
>    - new syntax for LogLevel

I have started updating the docs today. Except for mod_ssl, these two 
points are done. I have put it as 2000_docs.patch into the directory 

>    - merging and inheritance of LogLevels between servers and
> modules

This and the handling of per-dir, per-conn, and per-request loglevels 
is still missing.

Also, there is infrastructure to use the loglevel from the conn_req, 
but no way to set it, yet. Maybe a LogLevelIfIP directive?

> Later possible improvement: should we add the module_name to the
> log line? Since you already know the index, associating the name
> would be easy. The question is, whether the info is important
> enough to add to the log line.

It would be very useful when tuning the loglevel, but by default it 
may be too much noise. There are quite a few items in the same 
category (PID/TID, microseconds, ...) so a ErrorLogFlags or 
ErrorLogFormat directive may be a good idea. But these changes are not 
going to change the API/ABI, so IMHO they are less urgent.


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