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From Stefan Fritsch>
Subject Re: Enhanced error log format for trunk?
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2010 14:49:04 GMT
On Tuesday 01 June 2010, Rainer Jung wrote:
> I repeatedly inserted millisecond or microsecond timestamps as well
> as PID and thread ID information into the ErrorLog when trying to
> diagnose problems, most often in combination with additional log
> lines.
> Due to the increased load and capability of systems and increasing
> amount of concurrency, would those features be interesting by
> default?

Absolutely. Either by default of by some config directive. Having to 
recompile modules to get such information is a PITA.

> 4) General correlation improvements
> To be able to correlate error and access log, it would be helpful
> to share a common id, e.g. the unique_id, and be able to log it in
> both files. The id generated by mod_unique_id comes too late
> though (post_read_request). Since it actually only uses the
> request timestamp and the connection id of the request, it could
> be calculated much earlier.

I have thought about this before, but I wanted to get the per-module 
loglevel configuration into trunk first.

The log id could be created by the first call to ap_log_rerror. If 
there has not been an errorlog entry for a request by the time of the 
log transaction hook, the corresponding field in the access log would 
just be "-".

The function creating the log id could also log some interesting 
information once per request, instead of logging it for every log 
line. For example PID/TID, local+remote IP+Port, number of keep-alives 
on the connection, ...

But I think a shorter id than the 20+ bytes of the unique id would be 
sufficient in most cases, and cause less disk space usage. I guess it 
would be good enough if the id is unique for one httpd instance in one 
day. Of course, if mod_unique_id is loaded, its long unique id could 
be used.


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