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From Igor Galić <>
Subject Re: Fast by default
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2010 12:03:58 GMT

----- "Graham Leggett" <> wrote:

> The very definition of "tuned" means "tailored for your local setup".

It's actually quite hard to get this thought accross. I think we should
put it in a reboot of the performance ``optimization'' documentation.
> The default httpd configuration works reasonably well out the box. It 
> is only when your site has special needs that it should start changing
> the setup, and the site should understand what their needs are and  
> whether it is appropriate to turn it on.
> Zooming into mod_deflate, mod_deflate only makes sense if you have the
> CPU to support it. If you don't have enough CPU support (think  
> virtualised hosts), mod_deflate will be a performance drag, not a  
> boost. Typically, you would want to front a mod_deflate with an HTTP 
> cache, such as mod_cache (or equivalent). Here mod_cache only makes  
> sense if you have the disk space to support it, and there is no real 
> one-size-fits-all cache setup.

We arrive at one of my pet-peeve topic: Sane defaults.
mod_cache's default values for CacheDirLevels and CacheDirLength will
tear your file-system apart. And that is pretty much what: says...

> The next problem is that you only want to enable mod_deflate on  
> compressible content - that means "not images" for most people, but  
> might not be. Again, not every site has the same content, and  
> therefore not every site has the same setup for mod_delate.
> This said, our default config is 15 years old, and attempts to disable
> deflate for browsers that don't support it, like "Netscape 4". Unless 
> there are modern browsers that have broken protocol support for  
> transfer encoding, these obsolete examples need to be removed.

An entirely different topic, but related to your proposal is that
mod_deflate suggests to use a mod_filter based setup, but there's no
example on how to configure that.
(See my attached patch. Then you might understand why ;)

> Regards,
> Graham
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Igor Galić

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