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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: Problems with fcgid 2.3.5 + Apache 2.2.15 + suEXEC
Date Mon, 03 May 2010 17:53:38 GMT
On Mon, May 3, 2010 at 1:15 PM, Michael Rack <> wrote:
> Dear Apache-Developer-List,
> i have some stupid issues with my current configuration: would be better (I'll fix the mod_fcgid
subproject page to clarify)

> * fcgid 2.3.5
> * Apache 2.2.15
> * suEXEC
> i started by point zero on an fresh unix-system (Gentoo Stage 3) and
> compiled all sources by hand to get the newest codes for my new
> server.
> So, everything works find except suEXEC. If i enable suEXEC in my
> Virtual-Host i get a 500 Internal Server Error Page. If
> SuexecUserGroup is commented out, everything works fine, but i need
> the ability to change the user_id and group_id.
> My configuration is attachted below.
> These szenarios had been tested:
> * created a htdocs/fcgid-bin/ folder and put an .cgi script in it.
> VirtualHost set handler to fcgid-script for this folder.
> * created a htdocs/cgi-bin/ folder and put the same .cgi script in it.
> VirtualHost set handler to cgi-script for this folder.
> The test.cgi-Script in htdocs/cgi-bin/ works with SuExecUserGroup and
> without SuExecUserGroup directive.
> The test.cgi-Script in htdocs/fcgid-bin/ only works without having
> SuExecUserGroup enabled.
> I had various setups running, before mod_fcgid walks into a Apache
> Developement, with this versions mod_fcgid + suEXEC work fine. But
> now, i dont know where is the right way...

test.cgi gets executed successfully from suexec (suexec log) but exits
or otherwise closes its socket before responding (error log).

Perhaps you could see what happens test.cgi's brief life by running
strace -f against the mod_fcgid process manager daemon?  (the process
manager is probably the httpd child process with the lowest numbered
process id; look in the strace output for the exec of test.cgi, and
see what happens in that process)

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