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From "Akins, Brian" <>
Subject Re: Reducing number of mod_lua hook directives
Date Tue, 18 May 2010 12:35:36 GMT
On 5/12/10 11:09 AM, "Brian McCallister" <> wrote:

> Ah, but what happens when there are multiple functions for same hook?
> We could get into magic naming and scanning of global scope, but that
> really turns my stomach.

No need.  It's easy. Think about it in lua, not C.

Something like this for a loader:

 handlers = { }

 -- mods is an array of modules.  Probably passed in via post_config or
something. Hooks is an array of hook names

 function load_stuff(mods, hooks)
    -- try to load each mod like
    local m = require 'modname'
    -- now examine m for functions named in hooks
   if m.functionname add to my array

Then in you runner something like
 function hook_runner(r, hook_name)
    -- look in handlers for hook_name. It should be an array of functions
   -- call them, with r as the single argument  until one returns something
   -- other than declined

>  Conceptually, we probably don't want different script authors
> stomping on each other anyway.

Forcing the use of modules rather than standalone scripts helps this some.

We loose a lot of the efficiencies of lua because of the design of worker,
prefork, event, etc. Lua Strings, memory, etc, per thread -- with lots of
threads - seems wasteful.  But that's a larger discussion.

FWIW, I do a lot of lua now.  We use it in almost every web server config

Brian Akins

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