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From Bryan McQuade <>
Subject Working on mod_spdy, looking for contributions and feedback
Date Thu, 11 Feb 2010 18:52:20 GMT
A small group of us have been working on mod_spdy, an open source
filter module that provides support for the SPDY protocol in Apache.

SPDY is an experimental protocol described here It's currently supported
in the Chromium browser (Google Chrome) and there are a few other
experimental implementations out there as well.

If you're interested in contributing or giving us feedback, we welcome
code contributions or suggestions! You can browse the code and learn
more here:

One of the challenges we're facing now stems from the fact that SPDY
is a multiplexed protocol. Because it's multiplexed, it benefits from
processing multiple concurrent requests on a single connection. I know
that Apache doesn't currently support processing multiple requests on
a single connection (HTTP is for the most part a serialized protocol
so there's not a good reason to support concurrent request processing
when dealing with HTTP), so we're exploring ways we might be able to
do this within Apache. I'm wondering if there are existing modules or
projects that have tried to solve this problem or a similar problem in
Apache already, and if so, how they were able to multiplex requests.

We've written up a document describing our current ideas for
multiplexing here: but we could
really use feedback from Apache developers on the best way to go about


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