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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: unsupported compression issue seen in 2.3.5-alpha
Date Sun, 14 Feb 2010 17:46:48 GMT
On 14.02.2010 17:52, Stefan Fritsch wrote:
> On Saturday 13 February 2010, Paul Querna wrote:
>> However, the newest reports have been about multiple browsers,
>> Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE8, all reporting the issue at the
>>   same time.  This makes be believe that the problem is something on
>>   the server side.
> I assume your mail here means that the users cannot reproduce the
> problem at will and provide a tcpdump? Then maybe it would be a good
> idea to switch back to 2.2.x for some time and see if the number of
> problem reports changes? Just to verify that it is a problem in httpd
> trunk and not something else, like e.g. people migrating from squid
> 2.x to 3.x.
>> r821471 is the only change in the last year -- and it changes how
>> buckets are used -- and I view it as suspect in relation to the
>> volume of reports we have received from users, but we don't have
>> any firm evidence.
> There are more changes related to bucket brigade reusing, e.g. r821477
> and r814807. I guess many other changes in the core are suspect, too.
> Was the 2.3.5 release the first time that a version containing those
> bucket brigade changes was installed on

AFAIK the discussion on the tomcat users list indicated, that the 
problem was for some time reproducible with the eu mirror, but not with 
the us mirror. The reproduction did not work always but roughly about 
every third or fourth attempt. Unfortunately I didn't experience the 
problem myself, otherwise I would've taken a network dump.

The US mirror seems to run 2.3.3, the EU mirror 2.3.5. I gues it's worth 
checking for differences there, but I wouldn't rely completely on it. 
Maybe network conditions have a subtle influence and were different 
between geo locations during the time the problem was observed by most 



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