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From Alex Wulms <>
Subject Re: Apache devs attending FOSDEM 2010?
Date Sat, 06 Feb 2010 13:57:03 GMT

Martin and myself are meeting sunday at 10:30 at the Mozilla room, where
we will meet up with Gerv from Mozilla. Please feel free to join.

The purpose is to discuss how to progress the delta-http protocol
support; more specifically the integration in Apache webserver through
mod-crcsync that I have been working on with Toby based on the
rolling-crc library from Rusty Russell and support for the protocol into
a future version of Firefox.

The driver for the delta protocol is OLPC deployments, to accelerate
internet access for schools in rural area's with slow internet uplinks.
The protocol may also be useful for mobile internet, as long as 4G is
not yet widespread.

See for more details.


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