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From Chris Darroch <>
Subject Re: FYI... tentatively planning to roll mod_fcgid again towards the end of the week...
Date Tue, 02 Feb 2010 17:41:01 GMT

> Go ahead with the fix; I'll review in detail and test it once you
> commit your final version.

   OK, I'll test more today first.  Thanks.

> BTW, I haven't seen (or recognized) a commit to allow both a FastCGI
> authorizer and a FastCGI handler for the same request.  Have I missed
> something in this patch or in your most recent fix?  I understood that
> your huge patch to fcgid-2.2 supported that.  (no hurry, just
> wondering if I should enable a testcase)

   Gettin' there.  :-)  My recollection is that there are three issues.
First there was the issue I patched last week, which prevents AAA requests
from generating large numbers of spurious FastCGI processes.

   Next, this patch I'm working on now includes the fix such that a
FastCGI process that can be used in both AAA and responder roles only
gets spawned once (because it's tracked by its common command line, not
disjoint share_group_id values).

   There is still an issue which prevents a single request that uses
the same FastCGI process for both AAA and response generation from
re-using the same process.  I'm just tackling one thing at a time,
but my recollection here is that the process is acquired for use during
AAA and then not released, so a second version gets spawned to handle
the responder phase.

   According to my notes, those three things were all that I needed
to fix to allow a single request to not only have FastCGI processes
for AAA and for response generation, but in fact the same FastCGI
process for both.  But there may, of course, be other gotchas I haven't
stumbled across -- let me know if you know of any.


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