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From Dan Poirier <>
Subject Re: mod_reqtimeout backport
Date Wed, 13 Jan 2010 14:27:51 GMT
Stefan Fritsch <> writes:

> I am not particularly happy about the syntax, yet. I just had the idea 
> to have one keyword xxx that can optionally accept a range, instead of 
> two keywords xxxinit and xxxmax:
> 	Header=30
> 	Body=5-50 BodyMinRate=500
> or 
>     Header=5-20,minrate=500
>     Body=5-50,minrate=500
> but the combination
>     Header=5,minrate=1000
> is less clear. Maybe make the '-' mandatory in this case:
>     Header=5-,minrate=1000
> Any opinions or better ideas?
> One could also rename RequestTimeout into RequestReadTimeout if that 
> makes it easier to understand.

We might simplify the model by not exposing the internal extending of
the timeout.  Just let the admin specify an overall max time, a minimum
rate, or both:

  HeaderTimeout: Maximum seconds to read the entire header.

  HeaderMinRate: Minimum rate (bytes/second) allowed when reading the
  request header.  If the rate drops below this, the request is timed

We'd enforce both if specified.  In that case HeaderTimeout would act
like headermax.  Internally we'd probably implement HeaderMinRate by
gradually extending a timeout, but we wouldn't be tied to that.


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