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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: reopening of logs without restarting
Date Fri, 22 Jan 2010 19:33:33 GMT
2010/1/22 Mikhail T. <>:
> 22.01.2010 14:03, Jeff Trawick написав(ла):
>>> >  Currently there are ap_run_open_logs and worker_open_logs. Can my
>>> >  hypothetical signal-handler simply go through the list of opened
>>> >  descriptors, set them to new values and close the old?
>> You'd need to do that in every child process, without interfering with
>> current log file use.
> Yes, of course -- I'll open up a new file descriptor (or FILE* ?) first, and
> then assign the new value to the field in the relevant structure -- up until
> that assignment, the current log-file use will continue using the earlier
> descriptor.
> Is not worker_open_logs() running in every child process?


the "worker" in that name just means that it is the open_logs hook for
the worker MPM; the open_logs hook runs only in the parent (in fact
worker_open_logs() doesn't open any logs file; it uses that hook to
open listening sockets)

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