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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: mod_fcgid versioning question
Date Fri, 22 Jan 2010 19:30:48 GMT
On Fri, Jan 22, 2010 at 2:14 PM, Chris Darroch <> wrote:
> Chris Darroch wrote:
>> Jeff Trawick wrote:
>>> Chris Darroch has a patch for that, which is a small part of
> [snip]
>>   Yes -- and I'm really, really going to prioritize breaking this
>> patchset up (I know I'm a moron for having run everything together)
>> next week and trying to commit portions one at a time to mod_fcgid trunk.
>  It's a new year and I've got a window of time I'm aiming to devote
> to breaking up this patchset.  (Lord, what a fool this mortal is.)
> I've begun doing that work, and I've got some initial bits I'd like to
> commit soon.


>  However, I want to check on our versioning rules for a module like
> mod_fcgid.  Are we following APR's guidelines, or something else?
> Specifically, what counts as a public function or structure, if anything?
> Things defined in mod_fcgid.h?  Things starting with fcgid_?  Nothing?

mod_fcgid doesn't currently provide a callable API.  There are no
public functions or structures.

>  Two concrete examples.  First, just for cleanliness, I'd like to
> rename auth_conf to fcgid_auth_conf in order to match fcgid_wrapper_conf
> and other things in fcgid_conf.h.  Second, I need to add an argument
> to handle_request()'s signature.  May I do both of these in 2.3.6?


>  If I read the STATUS-FCGID file correctly, all 2.3.x releases are
> alpha/beta ... does that mean I can change anything at all up until we
> cut a 2.4.x?

2.3.4 is GA already.  2.3.5 is being tested now and hopefully will be a GA too.

Plz hold off on any serious changes until we get a new GA release, in
case any regressions in the as-yet-untested/unreleased 2.3.5 need to
be corrected.

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