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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: [RMs plz review] very rough notes on how to tag/roll mod_fcgid
Date Thu, 21 Jan 2010 19:31:27 GMT
On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 1:58 PM, William A. Rowe Jr.
<> wrote:
> On 1/21/2010 9:33 AM, Jeff Trawick wrote:
>> 2. Rolling
>> a. create appropriate
>>    start with /httpd/site/trunk/dist/tools/
>>    remove these lines from script:
>>       find ... autom4te*
>>       cd ... ./buildconf
>>       find ... autom4te
>>       touches of generated mod_ssl files
>>    fix line that removes STATUS to remove STATUS-FCGID instead
>>    keep the lines to remove manual source files
>>    zap the "separate_deps" logic
>>    commit to mod_fcgid/build/ after successful use
>>      (need in same directory)
>>    *or*
>>    commit to /httpd/site/trunk/dist/tools/
> I saw as being overly complex for mod_ftp/mod_fcgid work, since
> the tarball is simply the contents of the repository.  But I'm happy to
> review that, and svn.a.o/httpd/site/trunk/dist/tools/ sounds
> like a good place to put it.  I had included STATUS-FCGID in previous
> source tarballs but have no objection to it going away as it does with
> httpd tarballs.
> We should probably move some of the "implements rfc" notes from STATUS
> over to some README-FCGID document, instead, that doesn't disappear :)

I kept STATUS-FCGID for now for consistency with previous tarball.

>> b. export the source
>>    umask 022
>>    svn export
>> \
>>      mod_fcgid-MAJOR.MINOR.SUBVER
> should do the export, no?  But the above is correct, and there is
> a simple svn flag to export the same as '-crlf' flavor sources to be zipped. does the export, but unfortunately it has even more
httpd-specific logic

I see that svn has "--native-eol CRLF" in some docs...  works for me...

that crlf export and zip -r was run on Linux...

>> c. run the roll script
>> d. test signatures
>> 3. make available
> This is entirely changed; there is a new repository for you to grab; check
> out the following;
>  svn co fcgid-dev

ahh :)  I had just gotten to that point...

now to see which user/pass will make that checkout work :(

>  svn co fcgid-dist
> Initially, svn add all the artifacts to the fcgid-dev repository for testing.
> Once the vote has passed, you can literally do an svn mv between the two
> locations to take it from httpd.a.o/dev/dist/ to www.a.o/dist/http/
> Thanks to pquerna, svnpubsub magic will automagically update the files on the
> site without further intervention.
> still needs to be touched
> and then rebuilt and resynced.  Depending on the visibility of release, you
> might want to touch doap.rdf, xdocs/index.xml, and xdocs/download.xml to point
> to the new release (and add a note of your key to download.xml).

speaking of key, the KEYS file at doesn't have the most recently
committed contents...  I guess we copy that from httpd/site/dist/KEYS
to /dist/release/httpd/KEYS...


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