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From Igor Galić <>
Subject Re: Performance tuning documentation
Date Fri, 15 Jan 2010 00:38:06 GMT

Hi folks.

I've taken a first, awkward stab at the performance documentation.

> The performance tuning documentation that we currently include in the 
> docs is simply awful. What with the comments about Apache 1.2 and the 
> suggestions of how to deal with the new Linux 2.0 kernel, I think it's
> beyond fixing. It needs to be tossed and rewritten - although perhaps 
> there are parts that are salvageable.

That's basically what I've attempted to do.
I've thrown out everything that's older than a decade, or otherwise
obsolete, or just confusing.

> I was wondering if someone has a performance doc that they could  
> contribute as a starting place? Perhaps Sander's talk from AC? Or if 
> someone would be willing to give some attention to the docs list for a
> while to assist in writing something that would be useful to actual  
> admins in the real world.

Unfortunately, I have never attended any of those talks...
I did however borrow a line from from colmmacc's blog:

This patch is not trying to be complete -- or accurate in its spelling,
for that matter.
It's just supposed to throw away the crusty old bits, which in turn I
hope will get people motivated enough to start doing something about it.

> --
> Rich Bowen

So long,
Igor Galić

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