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From Shaojie Liu <>
Subject some observations and thoughs on lingering close of apache2
Date Tue, 05 Jan 2010 13:00:26 GMT

i have some observations since i worked for a popular months ago. we
deployed apache as front end in produciton system, and launched an ads
system(pretty large scale, say One billion pv per day),  just to find out

   - under the load of up to 150 Hits/second per box, system all running
   well in cpu/mem/network-IO, except we see 90+ apache processed in state
   of "Closing Connection", while only 15 processes in "Reading and Writing"
   - i thought it somehow caused by inappropriate setting of Timeout in
   apache.conf or sysctl(we set KeepAlive to off), but things remained after
   adjusting them to 2 seconds.
   - i finally noticed the time of lingering close while tracking source
   code and wondering if i shoud consider more tests to have lingering close
   disabled now. because i really don't hope 70% apache processes are wasting
   power unecessarily.

here is some thoughts to be fed back:

   - is lingering_close definitely necessary when KeepAlive is off?
   - if yes, shall we set default SECONDS_TO_LINGER and MAX_SECS_TO_LINGER
   value a bit smaller?
   - any chance i missed the point and blamed lingering_close wrongly?
   - any good advice to alleviate my concern?

our env: apache-2.2.11, RHEL5 64bit, Dual QuadCore Xeon, 8+G ram, supposing
network speed is good enough.

thanks in advance.

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