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From "William A. Rowe Jr." <>
Subject Re: [RMs plz review] very rough notes on how to tag/roll mod_fcgid
Date Thu, 21 Jan 2010 18:58:46 GMT
On 1/21/2010 9:33 AM, Jeff Trawick wrote:
> 1. Tagging
> a. pre-tag edits
>    fcgid_conf.h
>    MODFCGID_VERSION_{MAJOR,MINOR,SUBVER} should already be correct
>    MODFCGID_VERSION_DEV should be 1
>    change MODFCGID_VERSION_DEV to 0
>    CHANGES-FCGID - just make sure version at top is correct
>    STATUS-FCGID - add new "  NEXTVERSION : in development line"
>                   fix date of last tag
>    commit; use rev as XXXXXX below

Looks right.

> b. tag
>    svn copy -rXXXXXX \
> c. post-tag edits
>    fcgid_conf.h
>    to 1
>    CHANGES-FCGID - add new "Changes with mod_fcgid NEXTVERSION" to the top
>    commit

Yup, it's that straightforward.

> 2. Rolling
> a. create appropriate
>    start with /httpd/site/trunk/dist/tools/
>    remove these lines from script:
>       find ... autom4te*
>       cd ... ./buildconf
>       find ... autom4te
>       touches of generated mod_ssl files
>    fix line that removes STATUS to remove STATUS-FCGID instead
>    keep the lines to remove manual source files
>    zap the "separate_deps" logic
>    commit to mod_fcgid/build/ after successful use
>      (need in same directory)
>    *or*
>    commit to /httpd/site/trunk/dist/tools/

I saw as being overly complex for mod_ftp/mod_fcgid work, since
the tarball is simply the contents of the repository.  But I'm happy to
review that, and svn.a.o/httpd/site/trunk/dist/tools/ sounds
like a good place to put it.  I had included STATUS-FCGID in previous
source tarballs but have no objection to it going away as it does with
httpd tarballs.

We should probably move some of the "implements rfc" notes from STATUS
over to some README-FCGID document, instead, that doesn't disappear :)

> b. export the source
>    umask 022
>    svn export
> \
>      mod_fcgid-MAJOR.MINOR.SUBVER should do the export, no?  But the above is correct, and there is
a simple svn flag to export the same as '-crlf' flavor sources to be zipped.

> c. run the roll script
> d. test signatures
> 3. make available

This is entirely changed; there is a new repository for you to grab; check
out the following;

  svn co fcgid-dev

  svn co fcgid-dist

Initially, svn add all the artifacts to the fcgid-dev repository for testing.
Once the vote has passed, you can literally do an svn mv between the two
locations to take it from httpd.a.o/dev/dist/ to www.a.o/dist/http/

Thanks to pquerna, svnpubsub magic will automagically update the files on the
site without further intervention. still needs to be touched
and then rebuilt and resynced.  Depending on the visibility of release, you
might want to touch doap.rdf, xdocs/index.xml, and xdocs/download.xml to point
to the new release (and add a note of your key to download.xml).

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