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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Thundering herd patch for mod_cache
Date Sat, 09 Jan 2010 23:43:24 GMT
I've just been attempting to review Graham's proposed backport.
Looks interesting, but just a few points:

Trivial: needs r809335.
Trivial: indentation doesn't quite fit code style guidelines.

- In ap_cache_try_lock - do we really need the hashed directories
hardwired?  I thought most modern filesystems had abandoned
linear search, so that kind of thing is redundant!
At least make it optional - perhaps an additional arg to
the Cachelock directive.

- Why is ap_cache_remove_lock called from so many places
rather than just use a pool cleanup, and maybe in
cache_save_filter as the earliest possible point in the
normal processing path?

- Do we need to use lock files like this?  Not I think in
every case: with mod_disk_cache we already have files we
could lock (and create if they don't already exist).

- Your ELSE clause (cache_util, line 623) for requests
for a stale object that is being refreshed by another
request serves the stale object and adds a warning.
Is this the best thing to do?  What about waiting for
the file to be fetched?  Should still be quicker than
going to the backend in parallel with the other request.

Nick Kew

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