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From Sorin Manolache <>
Subject Re: ErrorDocument and ProxyErrorOverride
Date Wed, 20 Jan 2010 08:19:32 GMT
On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 01:54, Jeff Tharp <> wrote:
> That does fix this issue, but the browser still gets a 200 instead of a 404.  I know
that's caused some confusion for our operation as well.  Think about SEO here -- we have
a site behind an Apache-based reverse proxy.  We want to use ProxyErrorOverride and ErrorDocument
to make sure we send proper error pages no matter what the backend application spits out (because
often times its more like a stack trace than a nice human-readable page).  Yet, if we trigger
a 404, we send a 200 back, which of course means a search engine crawler misses the original
404.  I need ProxyErrorOverride on to deal with the 500/503 type errors from the backend.
 And thus I can't send a nice 404 from the backend, because the proxy will still override
it.  So how do I return a clean 404 in that scenario?

I understand your problem, we had and still have the same problem.

I guess, I am not sure though, that you simply cannot get a 404 by
configuration only, if the error page is served via an HTTP request.
You'll get the 404 in the case in which you have ErrorDocument 404

Maybe there could be some ways to still get the 404, but you need code.

For example, you could think of hooking proxy_request_status(int
*status, request_rec *r). There you could write

*status = r->prev->status. (r is the request that fetches the error
page and r->prev is the original request that gave you the 404.)

Next you will have to prevent apache to think that it got a recursive
error (error getting the error document). I don't know how to do that,
you'll have to dig into the apache sources.

Another line of thought is to hook insert_error_filter and there to
set a custom filter that sets the error code of the request that
fetches the error document. But I am just brainstorming, I do not know
if any of these ideas work.


P.S. I think this discussion is more suited to the modules-dev mailing list.

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