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From Stefan Fritsch>
Subject Re: mod_dav inconsistent behaviour for GET requests
Date Fri, 29 Jan 2010 18:46:28 GMT
On Friday 29 January 2010, Plüm, Rüdiger, VF-Group wrote:
> Thanks for clarification. I guess I understand your intension
>  better now. So basicly you want those providers that do not
>  implement GET by themselves to enforce the usage of the default
>  handler, correct?
> Mind to sent a patch to the list for better review?

Exactly. The patch below works with 2.2 (haven't tested with trunk
due to lack of mod_php).

BTW, I found PR 13025, which seems to suggest that being able to mix
script execution and DAV on the same URL is a feature. I am still for
removing this 'feature' in trunk, though. But I would be against a
backport to 2.2.x.

--- a/modules/dav/main/mod_dav.c
+++ b/modules/dav/main/mod_dav.c
@@ -4803,12 +4803,13 @@ static int dav_fixups(request_rec *r)

          * If the repository hasn't indicated that it will handle the
-         * GET method, then just punt.
-         *
-         * ### this isn't quite right... taking over the response can break
-         * ### things like mod_negotiation. need to look into this some more.
+         * GET method, then we let the default handler do it. Set the handler
+         * explicitly to ensure that no other handler takes the request.
+         * We don't care about directories, though.
         if (!conf->provider->repos->handle_get) {
+            if (r->finfo.filetype != APR_DIR)
+                r->handler = "none";
             return DECLINED;

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