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From Masaoki Kobayashi <>
Subject SSL unexpected renegotiation for CGI with PATH_INFO
Date Mon, 07 Dec 2009 02:16:08 GMT

I found suspicious behavior with CGI using PATH_INFO when
it is on the client authenticated SSL.

My situation is as follows.

  SSLVerifyClient none
  SSLVerifyClient require

Assume here're some files under /foo.

  a.html  -  plain html file
  b.cgi   -  regular cgi (not nph)

Then, I get somes file from browser.

What I could get without certificates are...

  /foo/b.cgi/foo  <--- (1)

What SSL session renegotiation runs, so I needed certificates
to access are...

  /foo/b.cgi/bar  <--- (2)

Because /foo is configured as "SSLVerifyClient none", so I expect
it does not need any certificates.
What is different between (1) and (2)?

I could see the request is processed twice because the second
request (protocol="INCLUDED") is generated in ap_add_cgi_vars().
The second request issued with uri=path_info, so that it makes
SSL renegotiation only when path_info is under "/bar".

370    if (r->path_info && r->path_info[0]) {
371        /*
372         * To get PATH_TRANSLATED, treat PATH_INFO as a URI path.
373         * Need to re-escape it for this, since the entire URI was
374         * un-escaped before we determined where the PATH_INFO began.
375         */
376        request_rec *pa_req;
378        pa_req = ap_sub_req_lookup_uri(ap_escape_uri(r->pool, r->path_info), r,
379                                       NULL);

Does someone have any idea for this?

Masaoki Kobayashi

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