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From John ORourke <>
Subject requests possibly not reaching the log phase
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2009 08:43:37 GMT
(apologies if this is a dupe, I originally sent from the wrong address)

Hi there,

I have an unusual problem - a large e-commerce site integrated with for card payments which appears to be failing to log some

The system makes HTTP POST requests to our server, and
about 1 in every 500 transactions, the system reports a
timeout and there's no trace of the request in our logs.
won't investigate in any detail because their system is reporting that
the request simply timed out.

I'm using mod_perl but not hooking into the logging phase, and using a
mod_log CustomLog directive which outputs the usual stuff, plus request
time, connection state, and PID.

So for now, I'm assuming a request is being sent but the log handler
phase isn't running.  The only way I can make this happen in a test
environment is by opening a TCP connection and then closing it without
sending any data.  Are there any other reasons the log phase wouldn't be

My next steps are to add simple request logging during the Trans phase,
and failing that, packet sniffing, but this is a live high-traffic
server so I'm trying to avoid that if possible.


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