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From Stefan Fritsch>
Subject Per module LogLevel configuration
Date Wed, 23 Dec 2009 12:14:46 GMT

when debugging problems, one needs detailed debug logging of the 
involved functions. Unfortunately, some modules (especially mod_ssl) 
log so much that switching to LogLevel debug in a production 
environment is often impractical. Therefore I think it would be very 
useful if one could set the loglevel per module.

Also, there is some need to have finer control over what is logged, as
demonstrated by modules with their own log configuration 
(SSLLogLevelDebugDump, DumpIOLogLevel, RewriteLogLevel, ...). I would 
introduce some new loglevels above "debug" (maybe trace1 to trace6 
corresponding to the rewrite log levels) and use these for the most 
detailed messages. Together with the per module log level, one could 
then remove the special per module config directives.

What I want is the admin being abled to configure something like this:

	LogLevel info ldap=debug authnz_ldap=debug ssl=warn rewrite=trace4

For the implementation I thought of some loglevel vector similar to 
the construct used by ap_get_module_config. There should then be a 
ap_get_module_loglevel and the ap_log_*error functions would get the 
module_index as additional parameter. To make things somewhat source 
compatible, one could redefine APLOG_MARK to something like 
__FILE__,__LINE__,GLOBAL, i.e. most modules could be compiled without
changes (but would then use the global log level). To add support to a 
module, something like

	#define APLOG_MARK_LDAP __FILE__,__LINE__,ldap_module->module_index

and a global search and replace would be enough for most modules (or 
one could even redefine APLOG_MARK in the module source).

With that infrastructure in place, it would then be possible to add 
some more detailed logging in some places, like

- core: dump of complete headers from/to client
- proxy: dump of complete headers from/to backend
- ldap: trace communication to ldap server

What do you think of this idea? Would it be ok to drop the ability to 
write the rewrite log into a separate file? Or should there also be 
the possibility to configure a separate logfile per module?


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