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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Re: Question about bug-source traceability
Date Sat, 12 Dec 2009 09:35:19 GMT

On 12 Dec 2009, at 01:44, Yonghee Shin wrote:

> Hi,
> Thanks for the wonderful product.
> Can anyone let me know how I can trace the files changed to fix actual bugs and functional
enhancements separately?

You can't really.

Bugzilla is a complete mix of real bugs, enhancement requests, vague reports
that may or may not arise from a bug, and complete nonsense that some
reporter insists on reopening and we can't be arsed to pay attention to.
That's the downside of an open bugzilla for such a widely-used project.
The only real indicator you have is where a PR is marked enhancement.

> Can I think the files with PR numbers in SVN log indicate that the files have changed
to fix actual bugs and the files without PR numbers as functional enhancements?

The PR numbers in SVN logs give you a record of both bugfixes and functional
enhancements that trace back to bugzilla.

> Is there any possibility that a file has changed but the SVN log does not include PR

Yes, a change may fix a PR without anyone knowing at the time.  Particularly
the more vague, unspecified PRs.

Nick Kew

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