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From Graham Dumpleton <>
Subject Re: Httpd 3.0 or something else
Date Fri, 06 Nov 2009 21:16:03 GMT
2009/11/7 Greg Stein <>:
> That's fine, though I think Thrift will give a cleaner model to perform and
> handle the requests.
> Mostly I just wanted to point out an alternative to what I read as a lot of
> complexity being considered, yet a problem that has already been solved.

How does Thrift make it easier? It looks even more complex and scary.

The target audience I have in mind is a dumb user who wants to run
their PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl web application on a shared hosting
system provided by a web provider, as well as the equally dumb hosting
companies who want to provide the service. With what I am suggesting,
although the implementation is doing a lot and could be regarded as
complex internally, because everything is being handled from end to
end then as far as the user is concerned they dump their one file in
the right place and everything will just work. For the web hosting
company, again because everything is provided as a complete package
the configuration and setup can be made to be really easy, done one
time and not every time.

So, as far as I can tell so far, Thrift is for the power user who runs
and manages their own site on to which they are deploying their own
highly customised application as well as all the infrastructure to
support it. I don't see anything in the way of high level interface
that allows one to drop a PHP, WSGI, PSGI or RACK application file
into a directory and things work automatically. There would therefore
be still a lot of work to possibly even make Thrift usable in the
context I am talking about and rather than a custom solution which is
clean and simple to use you again possibly end up having to deal with
trying to configure multiple packages to try and make them work
together and all the problems that result from it.

As to using HTTP everywhere, that isn't the problem trying to be
solved. It is providing a simple means to setup and manage the process
management and configuration in one package as well as providing a
dead simple deployment mechanism for the dumb user.


> On Nov 6, 2009 8:12 AM, "Akins, Brian" <> wrote:
> On 11/5/09 6:08 PM, "Greg Stein" <> wrote: > I think a lot
> of your discussion can b...
> Or just use HTTP everywhere.  IPC is then just HTTP proxy requests.
> --
> Brian Akins

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