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From Dong Wang <>
Subject mod_proxy_fcgi changes SCRIPT_FILENAME?
Date Mon, 16 Nov 2009 11:15:15 GMT
I am trying to use apache-2.3's mod_proxy_fcgi in 2.2.13. It seems to be
built and run all right.

But I have noticed that the SCRIPT_FILENAME has been changed to
"proxy:balancer://xxxxxx", it cann't be recognized by  the remote PHP
backend. So the request failed.
In my opinion, the remote PHP backend use the SCRIPT_FILENAME to find the
script file. But the PHP and the Apache may be in different computer, so the
Document Root may be different. is that means the PHP shouldn't rely on the
SCRIPT_FILENAME? then how can the PHP know which script file to execute?

Or, can the mod_proxy_fcgi make the SCRIPT_FILENAME to be the real file
location? then the PHP backend in the same computer will find the file

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