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From "William A. Rowe Jr." <>
Subject Re: Study about developer and commits.
Date Mon, 30 Nov 2009 19:03:41 GMT
mario-fa wrote:
> We are studying behavior and characteristic about Open Source Software (OSS)
> development using by reference “What can OSS mailing lists tell us? A
> preliminary psychometric text analysis of the Apache developer mailing list
> (Hassan , Rigby)” that used the Apache httpd server developer mailing list. 
> We need to know are major developer commit in the Project Apache HTTP Server
> (4 developers) for to continue our study. Do you help us? Where do We can
> find this information?

You might want to also pay attention to the fact that the committer is not
necessarily the author, and that all commits don't qualify as development.

Jim and myself might appear to write over half the code, but in fact we have
handled much of the drudgery of releases and major refactorings such as updating
copyright dates, correcting style errors, and these appear to be 'work', but they
don't entirely represent development.  Similarly, many of us commit (with svn log
notes) contributions from non-committers, submitted to the bug tracking system
or the mailing lists.

In other words, those statistics are not useful as empirical data unless you
plan to distinguish and classify all of the specific commits.  All of the
detailed Subversion history is out there for you to harvest, if it is useful
to your study.

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