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From Jean-Marc Desperrier <>
Subject TLS renegotiation disabling : mod_ssl and OpenSSL 0.9.8l
Date Tue, 10 Nov 2009 15:37:22 GMT

So when Apache is compiled with openssl 0.9.8l, TLS renegotiation will 
be fully disabled.

But the problem with that if that some comments of the discussion inside are true, this 
change will unexpectedly break very badly a *lot* of sites.

Those comments suggest Apache currently requests TLS renegotiation in 
quite a few cases where it should not be needed, and where it won't be 

First there's the short SSLSessionCacheTimeout problem :

In my understanding, SSLSessionCacheTimeout should never cause 
renegociation. If the client tries to do a SSL session resume, and the 
server does not have the SSL info for that SSL id anymore, the result is 
a brand new SSL Session, *not* a SSL renegotiation.

If they actually are resumes caused by SSLSessionCacheTimeout, then it 
seems SSLSessionCacheTimeout times out sessions that are currently 
active at the TCP level, and where the user is just trying to send more 
data. Or there's a bug in the resume code that first says yes, then 
finds the session id should have been timed out, so forces a 
renegotiation. Anyway, this means this was already broken in some way 
before, but it used to be of little consequences and will now be a huge 

Second there's the SSLVerifyClient optional problem :

When SSLVerifyClient optional is actually used to allow various 
authentication level, it's expected that the change will break the site.

But what this comment report is that simply having SSLVerifyClient 
optional set, not having any different value anywhere, not even *using* 
client certificates, will cause renegotiation to happen and therefore 
sites to break when TLS renegotiation is disabled.
And Peter Gutmann just reported on oss-sec that they are many servers 
configured like this (see ) with 
their admin not even knowing that they require client certificates.

According to the following comment, it might be that a very simple patch 
would correct this problems :
(I've checked the svn code for apache 2.2.x, that piece of code is still 
exactly the same, but I don't understand enough to be sure that just 
handling the "optional" case in addition to the "none" case would really 
be enough to solve the problem)

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