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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Making a binary distribution of apache 2.2.14 on Aix 6.1
Date Mon, 09 Nov 2009 18:02:41 GMT
Michael Felt wrote:

> Actually, the reason I started this thread is because I wanted to start
> making builds that used IBM's installp format for distribution rather
> than RPM - which is the format chosen for most of the AIX toolbox. Imho
> much of the difficulity the libtool devs have with the AIX platform (as
> generally the solution is playing with libtool, or loading a newer
> version) is this mixed install environment.
> I have been trying to develop and package without using any of the AIX
> toolbox as I do not want any dependencies on it. Instead, I shall, as
> suggested towards the beginning of this thread, make my own packages to
> fulfill dependancies and/or specify IBM installp packages (i.e.
> libraries installed into /usr/lib and maybe /opt/lib).
> There are a couple of other respositories out there - my site - when I
> finally get it assembled - will be yet another, but with forums behind
> it so that people can share experiences.

One of the things that may be tripping you up is apr - for legacy
reasons, apr is shipped included with httpd v2.2.x. However, for a long
time now, binary distributions have been packaging apr and apr-util as
completely separate packages, and httpd has been typically configured
during these binary builds to use these external apr and apr-util packages.

The apr and apr-util trees in httpd are therefore ignored.

What I suggest you do is to try get AIX packaging to work on apr and
apr-util first, and when that works, attempt to get httpd to work,
depending on apr and apr-util as just-another-external-package.
Completely ignore anything in the srclib directory, and assume those are
system provided.

You'll see similar scripts for producing rpms and solaris pkg files in
the apr and apr-util trees.


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