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From Edgar Frank <>
Subject Re: [mod_fcgid] Feedback / Suggestions
Date Tue, 24 Nov 2009 16:12:41 GMT
> > (1)
> > mod_fcgid should be capable of specifying an external FCGI server.
> > (2)
> > In conjunction with (1), mod_fcgid should be able to select the
> > backend server based on request data.
> I'd much rather see effort put into mod_proxy_fcgi to support this use
> case.  I wish somebody, perhaps myself, had time to work on it.  It
> doesn't seem that hard a task.

mod_proxy_fcgi already supports this use case completely, if it weren't
for the two bugs I filed.

While I see BZ#48273 as not-so-big issue, BZ#48272 presents a potential
crash for the Apache process, which excludes it for production use.
As far as I have understood the problem in BZ#48272, this is a real
design issue in mod_proxy_fcgi, as it tries to stream the response by
design while ap_scan_header_err_core wants the complete script output
by design.

> In the interim, is mod_fastcgi really that bad?

Lets say, it works (fine) in terms that you can specify an external

I took modifying mod_fastcgi into account to add the functionality for
dynamic backend-switching, but refrained from doing so as the source
code is made to work with Apache 1.x/2.0/2.2 with lots of #ifdefs, only
partial APR support (handful of things are done on OS level) and
additional Win32-kludges.

Additionally, mod_fastcgi reads its backend servers at configuration
time and access them at runtime readonly. Modifying this would mean to
add thread safty to the source, if you want to use it in the worker mpm.
Considering the sourcecode, this would be a bad job.

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