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From "Alexander Alfimov" <>
Subject Re: Cannot compile mod_disk_cache.c (rev. 821993)
Date Thu, 08 Oct 2009 18:46:25 GMT
Jeff Trawick <> писал(а) в своём письме Thu, 08 Oct
21:15:51 +0300:

> Try adding "#define CORE_PRIVATE" inside mod_disk_cache.c prior to the
> inclusion of header files.
> What you've encountered is an API difference between httpd 2.2 and
> 2.3-dev.  There may be others that show up at compile, link, or
> run-time.  (Maybe somebody here has actually used recent mod*cache
> from trunk with 2.2 and can comment.)
> I guess you're anxious to try a fix that is in svn trunk but not in
> the 2.2.x branch?  I wonder if backporting the individual fix is less
> troublesome...


Thank you very much for the quick response. Adding a CORE_PRIVATE did a  
trick -- I was able to compile mod_disk_cache.c

Unfortunately, this didn't help to solve the root problem.

I want to try the "CacheQuickHandler Off" directive which became available  
in Apache 2.3

Here is my mod_cache configuration:

   CacheDefaultExpire 120
   CacheMaxExpire 120
   CacheIgnoreNoLastMod On
   CacheIgnoreHeaders On
   CacheIgnoreCacheControl On
   CacheStoreNoStore On
   CacheStorePrivate On

   CacheQuickHandler Off

   <IfModule mod_disk_cache.c>
     CacheRoot /tmp/apache-cache-l2
     CacheEnable disk /
     CacheDirLevels 8
     CacheDirLength 2

As soon as I disable the CacheQuickHandler, caching stops working (no new  
directories appear in the cache directory).

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Alexander Alfimov

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