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From "Albert Lash" <>
Subject Re: Fastcgi, use something like spawn-fcgi?
Date Fri, 30 Oct 2009 17:37:58 GMT
> There has been some interest expressed on this list from the mod_fcgid
> user community to manage processes differently (e.g., independent of
> load); in general, I'd like to see the proxy+process mgr solution
> support requirements that would otherwise twist mod_fcgid in new
> directions.

I concur. Supporting them both would be excellent! I've found two separate
circumstances where I chose fastcgi as appropriate:

* Sophisticated, extensive applications which don't have memory leaks and
are meant to run all the time, like software-as-a-service solutions. I
would use an external process manager here to make sure the application is
always running and not a zombie.

* Embedded applications which run on processor and memory constrained
systems. I think a perfect example of this is the pfSense webgui. It might
be accessed once or twice a month. The user will login and access between
10-50 pages, so it makes sense to use the same process for as many of
those requests as possible, but its not necessary to have the process
running 24/7. I would use the web server's process manager here to shut
down the process after a certain time, and to start it again for a new

- Albert


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