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From Bill Zajac <>
Subject PATCH <PR-24329>] - mod_rewrite and CONNECT requests
Date Mon, 05 Oct 2009 19:23:41 GMT
I hope someone from the official dev team can merge this into the next
release of apache httpd.

Please find attached an svn diff made against revision 820823 of:

This diff fixes the Bug 29744 on the Bugzilla:

This fix allows mod_rewrite to handle CONNECT requests (by not trying to
fully qualify the substitution string).
The current behavior is that mod_rewrite tries to connect to

I checked with the RFC (
   A CONNECT method requests that a proxy establish a tunnel connection
   on its behalf. The Request-URI portion of the Request-Line is always
   an 'authority' as defined by URI Generic Syntax [2], which is to say
   the host name and port number destination of the requested connection
   separated by a colon:

      CONNECT HTTP/1.1
This patch will allow a CONNECT request to simply connect to the host:port
specified in the substitution string of the rewrite rule.

Hopefully this is enough detail to help.

Thank you,

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