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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: Fastcgi, use something like spawn-fcgi?
Date Thu, 29 Oct 2009 13:50:48 GMT
On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 9:16 AM, Akins, Brian <> wrote:
> With all the discussion of mod_fcgid lately (I admit, I did not read all the
> threads, so forgive me if we already discussed this), I was wondering if a
> different approach would be better.

Thus far the mod_fcgid activity has been focused on resolving some
existing problems and establishing the new home.  There are some new
configuration capabilities though.  There's a fair amount of
mechanical work to make it a well behaved module overall.

> I know at one time there was work on a mod_proxy_fastcgi. The current trend
> in "other webservers" seems to do the proxying inside the webserver and
> using a separate small process manager - something like spawn-fcgi or
> supervisord.
> So, we could have configs something like:
> ProxyPass /myapp fastcgi:///path/to/my.sock max=6 ...
> And should easily be able to do fasctcgi over tcp, etc.
> This should, hopefully, simplify the "in httpd" code.

AFAIK mod_proxy_fcgi in trunk actually works, though I haven't tried it.

Just my 2cents:  In general the idea of using mod_proxy_fcgi +
separate process manager works for me, though I am more anxious at the
moment to try to help the relatively large user base of mod_fcgid
users adopt the new 2.3.x series, and help see that whatever mod_fcgid
2.2 patches have been floating around since 2007 get properly
evaluated and resolved as appropriate.

There has been some interest expressed on this list from the mod_fcgid
user community to manage processes differently (e.g., independent of
load); in general, I'd like to see the proxy+process mgr solution
support requirements that would otherwise twist mod_fcgid in new

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