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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject [mod_fcgid] FcgidWrapper parsing
Date Fri, 09 Oct 2009 18:55:31 GMT
Related to clarifying the executable part of the wrapper command-line
(823657): Handling wrapper executables with embedded blanks,
especially to confront the FcgiWrapper "C:/PROGRA~1/PHP/php-cgi.exe"
.php meme.  (Dig the quotes; you might anticipate you could spell out
the proper path in there, but quotes are for cmd+args, the first
token of which must be the executable file.)

The fact that a patch to handle that started growing more than I
expected makes me ask: Is it worth the trouble supporting something

FcgidWrapper "'C:/Program Files/PHP/php-cgi.exe' -c /some/odd/ini/file" .php

Can I do something like that when defining a piped logger? (executable
with blanks + arguments)  I tried but was unable, either because of a
Unix shell-ism or a Jeff-ism.

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