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From "azurIt" <>
Subject Re: Gracefull restart speed up suggestion
Date Thu, 22 Oct 2009 18:43:31 GMT
>The tradeoff on this is that while the old threads/processes are busy
>shutting down, and your new threads/processes are busy starting up,
>you're now using twice as much RAM and other resources as you were
>before. This is likely to make the problem worse, not better. :(

Are you sure it will take so much resources ? Apache processes are starting/ending all the
time and i can't see any problems with this. Isn't there any module, which implements this
behavior so we can test it ? 10 seconds without accepting connections is just too much :(

Anyway, why processes needs to be shutdown on reload at all ? Cannot they just re-read the
configuration file/s ? Thnx for explanation.


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