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From Michael Felt <>
Subject Making a binary distribution package... for AIX
Date Wed, 07 Oct 2009 15:58:00 GMT
Many thanks for the assistence with getting the build process to work on AIX

The next step for me is to work on creating a binary distribution image -
and maybe I should pose this question elsewhere. If so, point me there and
I'll leave you in peace (for now).

New question: that will mean homework I suspect.

As I mentioned before, I am interested in creating a build that other people
could install. Having one is the only way to see how big a need, if any
exists, for a prebuilt AIX opensource httpd server.

I suppose I could go for a RPM build - maybe all I need is on AIX by
default, and perhaos it is the first step to learning what needs to be done.

My preference is to create a .bff (or installp) format.

I have found the build/rpm directory, and what seems to be the actual file
intended: ./httpd.spec

Question is: How do I use this file, and maybe modify it, to create a
specification for an AIX binary distribution?


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