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From Guenter Knauf <>
Subject Re: Strange error(parse tlsext bug) in mod_ssl since httpd-2.2.12
Date Wed, 21 Oct 2009 14:57:23 GMT
Hi Kamesh,
nice to meet you here again!
Kamesh Jayachandran schrieb:
> I could not isolate this issue to openssl versions as it happens with
> openssl-0.9.8k, openssl-0.9.8g, openssl-0.9.8-b
> When I built the server against openssl-1.0.0-beta3, I could *not*
> access svn at all using svn client while I could access the same via
> browser.
> Any clues?
sounds all strange. I would say since we have SNI support since 2.2.12
that there is the problem, and from the bug report it seems that the OP
used already 2 SSL virtual hosts with same IP before 2.2.12 which was
neither supported feature nor it was working properly at all; so
probably his configuration is the problem?
On the other side the needed support in OpenSSL started with 0.9.8j
IIRC, and with 0.9.8k it started to be enabled by default. So I would
assume that builds with 0.9.8g and 0.9.8b are not affected ...
Also since you post that the problem is with the client - did you also
rebuild the client with newer OpenSSL 0.8.8k, or even with 1.0.0.b3?


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